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Meet the Team: Evening Programme

For a whole week in August, cadets from up and down the country will be guests of RAF Syerston for the RAF100 National Aerospace Camp.

The camp has a fascinating programme of events, including aerospace visits, talks from industry partners and intense cadet training, as well as PTT and gliding sessions.

But the opportunities that the camp offers do not end when the cadets return to their accommodation.

There is an evening programme with a wide range of training activities on offer, thanks to CI Roy Wood.

“The presentations in this year’s evening programme will provide lots of insight into career options for cadets and allow them to discuss these with industry leaders,” he says.

As the evening programme lead, he’s tasked with “developing and implementing” the training activities planned for “after dinner.”

The evening programme is just as varied as the daytime, offering everything from the usual “sports and film [showings] to interactive talks from the likes of Easyjet,” according to Roy.

He says: “The programme this year over all has increased in variety largely due to work undertaken by the core staff team throughout last year.”

Roy believes that this work has allowed the camp to “increase the variety of activities available whilst enhancing activities we already deliver” in the evenings.

Between the day time programme and the evening activities, this year’s cadets won’t be short of opportunities to be inspired!

You can keep up to date with everything that’s happening at the camp by liking our Facebook page, or following us on Twitter or Instagram.

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