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Meet the Team: Training

An Air Cadet camp is only as good as its training programme.

And the man tasked with managing the training programme for the 2018 National Aerospace Camp is Flt Lt Richard Hulm.

Rich is also Officer Commanding 8F (1st City of Coventry) Squadron ATC.

“Something that the training team is focusing on this year is the quality of the training delivered to the cadets,” he explains.

“Whilst the quality of the training last year was to a good standard, I believe this year it will get even better and will ensure the 2018 camp delivers an even better experience for the cadets.”

Rich first joined the Aerospace Camp team in 2017 and was keen to take on extra responsibility in his second year.

The training team is the biggest on the Aerospace Camp staff, with more than 20 staff members working on everything from organising transport to liaising with industry partners.

“The best part of the planning process so far has been seeing the vast array of activities planned for this year’s camp,” he said.

The 2018 training programme will be the most ambitious ever seen on the Aerospace Camp.

Rich explains: “We have some great industry partners involved this year and it is exciting to see what they are planning for the cadets.”

Cadets from the camp will be visiting at least six different RAF stations, as well as major aerospace firms actually delivering training activities on site at Syerston.

Rich says that it has been fun trying to organise the logistics of these different organisations coming together, but there are still a few bumps in the road ahead.

“I think the most challenging part [of my job] is to come!

“Allocating activities for so many cadets is not an easy task and will make my work so far seem simple.”

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