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When is the National Aerospace Camp?

Saturday 17th to Saturday 24th August 2019.


Where is the camp?

Based RAF Syerston in Nottinghamshire. Cadets and staff are accommodated at Prince William of Gloucester Barracks.


How will I get to camp?

This should have been organised by your Wing or CCF commander.

Most cadets are travelling on coaches. Cadets who live nearby are being dropped off to and picked up from RAF Syerston. A few cadets are arriving by train and will be picked up from the station.

You must travel to camp in civilian clothing.


How will I get home from camp?

This should have been organised by your Wing or CCF commander. Most cadets are going home the same way they arrived, e.g. Wing-organised coach, picked up from RAF Syerston or the camp will drop them at the relevant train station.


Will I need a sleeping bag & pillow?

Yes. Bedding is not provided at the barracks.


What will I do on camp?

There are a variety of activities on camp which will be allocated to cadets depending on their preference selections made earlier in the year. These range from activities at RAF Syerston through to RAF station visits and industry partner visits.


When will I know what I'm doing?

The aim is to provide all cadets with a list of activities they are doing on the Sunday of the camp. This will be a personalised training programme, specific to each cadet.


How much free time will I get?

There will be free time each evening, but the camp has a very intensive programme of activities so you will need to get as much sleep as possible. Some evenings there will be presentations and activities by external partners, and we have sports equipment available.


Will I be able to leave and get my GCSE results?

No, you need to arrange a way of receiving your results and raise any problems in advance.


Where can I find a kit list?

The kit list is within the Joining Instructions (page 6). These are available on the Camp’s Facebook Group or from your Squadron who can access it on sharepoint.


Will I need to bring an iron?

The camp has a supply of irons and ironing boards which will be distributed around the accommodation for cadets to borrow. There is a limited number though, so you may wish to bring a travel iron with you.


What uniform will I be wearing?

Cadets need to bring all the uniform in the kit list. What you will wear will depend on the activity you are doing that day. Most activities are Working Blue (2C), but some are in MTP/CS95 greens and you’ll be given a camp t-shirt on arrival to wear on the Wednesday during camp.


Will I need spending money?

You may wish to bring a small amount of spending money to camp. There will be camp merchandise available to purchase and a spar shop at the barracks in the evenings.


Will I have access to a shop on camp?

There is a small spar shop at the barracks which cadets can use during the evenings.


Where will I be eating on camp?

Breakfast and dinner will be at the Junior Ranks Mess in the barracks where you are accommodated. Depending on your activity, you will have packed lunches if you are on a visit or you will have lunch at RAF Syerston provided by the RAF’s 3 Mobile Catering Squadron.


I have a dietary requirement, who should I tell?

Dietary requirements were collected earlier in the year when cadets applied. If you have not already told the camp about your dietary requirements, please contact


I have a query, who can I contact?

If you have a question before camp, post your query on the camp’s Facebook group or contact . During camp, Flight Commanders and Duty Staff will be available to answer questions during the week.

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