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High Flyers at Aerospace Camp 2017

Two cadets ended their National Aerospace Camp on a real high this week, as they got the chance to take to the skies in a Tucano at RAF Linton-on-Ouse.

Cadet Warrant Officer (CWO) Katherine Hill from 2461 (Sawston) Squadron and Cadet Flight Sergeant (FS) Josh Clegg from 59 (Huddersfield) Squadron were selected from the camp cadre to visit 72 (R) Squadron on the final day of the National Aerospace Camp.

FS Clegg and CWO Hill ready to fly at RAF Linton-on-Ouse

Their day at 72 Squadron began with an initial briefing and a visit to the survival equipment fitters. FS Clegg said: “We drove down to Linton for our briefing at 9:15am. At 9:15am we were taken in, kitted up and we were in the air by about 1:30pm after the first flight had gone out.”

The Tucano is used by the Royal Air Force as a basic fast jet trainer aircraft. Both cadets were given the chance to take control of the aircraft.

“I got to take control for basically the entire flight”, explained CWO Hill.

“When we’d flown around the coast a bit we climbed up to about 8000ft and did a series of aerobatics.

“He would do one, then I would follow him through and do the next one. So I did a loop, a barrel roll and a stall turn.”

The cadets explored the airspace above the north west of England, flying around Scarborough and Whitby. The sortie also included a visit to RAF Topcliffe.

CWO Hill said: “We flew back to Topcliffe and did a touch and go there.

“I actually got to control the aircraft and land it.”

The opportunity to fly in the Tucano was well deserved for both cadets. Flt Lt Tom Hunt, Aerospace Camp Executive Officer, explained the decision to pick them, saying: “FS Clegg stood out as an outstanding cadet right from the start of the camp.

Cadets from the National Aerospace Camp visited 72(R) Squadron earlier in the week

“His positive attitude and genuine enthusiasm towards all things aviation made him an obvious choice.

“The Tucano flight rewarded his commitment to the RAF Air Cadets and gave him a valuable insight into the career he wants to follow.”

CWO Hill was picked to fly as a reward for winning the ATC 75 Sword and being named top female cadet this year. Flt Lt Hunt said: “CWO Hill turned down the opportunity of an IACE trip in order to attend the National Aerospace Camp.

“The Camp Executive Team and 2FTS felt it was only right that CWO Hill be offered one of the flying slots, given her clear dedication to the RAF Air Cadets and the National Aerospace Camp.”

Both cadets left RAF Linton-on-Ouse having experienced something they’ll never forget. CWO Hill described the day as “absolutely incredible.”

FS Clegg was just as happy. When asked where the Tucano flight ranked in terms of cadet experiences, his response was clear: “It ranks right at the top, without doubt.”

FS Clegg (L) and CWO Hill (R) on arrival at Linton

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